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Welcome to GERI
    Welcoming the Office of
    Advanced MedTech Industries at GERI
The Office of Advanced MedTech Industries (OAMI) at GERI is a support organization for nurturing the bio-health and medical device industry ecosystem in Gumi.

Our OAMI is promoting strategic global cooperation projects to create many small and medium-sized enterprises in the short term and to become a hub for international medical device manufacturing services and business in the long term.
Our Vision and Strategy
  • (Vision) To become a global manufacturing and production hub by creating an innovative medical device industry ecosystem in Gumi
  • (Strategy) Continuously create creative value in manufacturing outsourcing of local bio-health and medical device companies in Gumi through global win-win cooperation
Our Major Roles
  • Establishment of an innovative cluster to become a hub for domestic and overseas medical device manufacturing outsourcing
  • Discovering regional-specialized medical device manufacturing innovation support projects and policies
  • Establishment of domestic and overseas medical device-related investment environment and fostering of start-up companies
  • Discovering full-cycle technology commercialization projects to revitalize local businesses
  • Promotion of export through international cooperation and licensing support
About Medical Device Industry in Gumi, Korea
As aging populations are increasing, the demands for better quality medical diagnostic and treatment are rapidly changing with cost-effective products and services in the medical device industry. However, manufacturing medical devices require significant financial and time commitments that do not always result in a guaranteed ROI Thus, most institutions shy away from initiating potentially great products as they prematurely deem them too much of a risk. To overcome these common problems, it is necessary to create an alternative manufacturing solution, which allows innovators to access world-class resources at no risk.

For this purpose, Gumi Electronics & Information Research Institute (GERI) is establishing a unique manufacturing program to collaborate with business partners in order to innovative products and services faster at a lower cost on a global scale.

GERI, a government-funded institute, is strategically located in Gumi, a globally recognized city for its many world-class manufacturing facilities and local hubs to global electronic companies, including Samsung Electronics and LG Display. The well-established infrastructures, the breadth of available testing and manufacturing equipment, and the skill of the local talent pool allow GERI to move at speeds rarely seen in business.

GERI completed a $110M national project to transform the existing ICT (Information & Communication Technology) industry into the one focused on electronic medical device innovations. As part of this initiative, we are recruiting global corporations or their R&D centers and innovators who are in need of high-quality manufacturing services or product development partners to commercialize and build out their solutions with a global footprint in mind.

In order to achieve the goal of transforming the electronic medical industry, Gumi city is offering business benefits and incentives to those partners who have a plan to relocate, setup a corporate branch, or R&D center in Gumi, Korea. Additionally, the local Korean government is offering various tax and grant incentives to foreign investors and companies that have the potential to contribute to Gumi’s economy.
More Information
    For more information, please contact the OAMI, GERI or visit the Web site.
    We look forward to collaborating with you on this global initiative.
    Thank you for visiting our website!
    Director of OAMI
    GERI, Gumi, Korea
Tel. 054-479-2250E-mail. ds5vtn@geri.re.kr
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